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Post Sale Inspections

Guarantee Period 7-Day or 14-Day Inspection Guarantee
Lights and Mileage Green light < 125k miles

Green and Yellow light < 125k miles

Vehicle Purchase Price Over $3,000
Inspection Items Odometer verification

Transmission engagement and function

Engine function and operation


4×4 system engagement

Differential engagement

ABS and brake function

Electrical accessory function (for vehicles up to 4 model years old)

Emission control equipment present (vehicle checked to meet emissions standards in the state where PSI is conducted)

Air conditioning checked for operation

SRS (supplemental restraint system/airbags) check

Structure checked
Flood inspection

Exclusions Seller-disclosed items for vehicles sold under Green and Yellow will not be inspected or guaranteed
Claim Mileage Criteria 200 miles

If an inspected item passes during the inspection, but then fails during the PSI guarantee period and costs $500 or more to repair or replace, the defect is eligible for claim resolution with Manheim.

*For vehicles up to 4 years old.