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Buyers Agent Program

A buyers agent fee of $50 will reserve a spot to bid on any vehicle at the dealer auction by one of our brokers on your behalf. The remaining commission shall be no higher than 7% or no lower than 3% of the value of vehicle at auction which is consistent with similar transactions on the wholesale market.

The net compensation shall mean the commission percentage minus agent fee. Tax, tag and title fees may not be included in commission, neither post sale inspection, auction fees, credit card fees, escrow fees or any internal company incentive programs that a Moore Auto Broker voluntarily participates in.


All delivery dates determine when commissions and deductions shall be applied. Buyer is liable for any compensation earned by Broker for sales that are later made invalid as a result of a chargeback or are otherwise not credited to the Broker for any reason.

Broker Commission Chart

$10,000 and below $750
$11,000- $50,000 7%
$51,000-$100,000 3%